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One week of sailing is not more expensive than a package vacation


sailing is not expensive

Sailing is always called the sport of the rich and beautiful. But actually almost everyone in Europe who regularly travels can afford it. It often does not cost more than an all-inclusive vacation.

Sure there are yachts that you can charter for several million per week. I look at these also gladly. Not because I want to book them, but because it is really impressive. For example this one for 4 million a week :)

So, what kind of costs you have to realistically calculate with:

The yacht - 450€

To find a bargain, it is best to compare all suppliers on the market. You can use our price comparison tool for this. With it you will find good prices even in the popular areas during the high season. Think about how many people you are, if someone wants to sleep in the salon and what else is important to you.

On average you can expect 3000€ for 6 people with transitlog (bed linen, final cleaning, etc.). This corresponds to 500€ per person. In return you will get a relatively new yacht with a cabin for 2 persons each. If you need a skipper, you have to calculate 180€ per person extra.

The board cash - 300€

At the beginning of the cruise, each crew member pays something into a cash box. Of course you can also settle it at the end using apps like Splitwise etc. From this money you pay for marinas, restaurants, food and drinks.

The cash on board usually varies a lot. If you anchor more in bays (which is free of charge), cook more by yourself and do a big purchase in the beginning (see shopping list) then you need less money. For this I would estimate about 350€ per person.

The transfer - 200€

Depending on whether you arrive with your own car or by plane, the price varies greatly. If you arrive by plane, I would cover about 200€. With the car it is about, depending on the distance about 100€.

What else you need - 100€

They want to buy you vacation souvenirs, a new shirt or something similar? Then you should expect about 100€ for this.

Total - 1050€

  • The yacht 450€
  • The board cash 300€
  • The transfer 200€
  • Extras 100€

Total 1050€ per person

That means that in total a dream vacation on a sailing ship costs you about 1100€. If you compare this sum with a package vacation, the difference is not too big. Therefore I would always choose the experience of sailing.

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