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For everyone 3 liters of water is enough - isn’t it?


Where can you buy food for your sailing holiday? Are 3 liters of water enough or should you buy more :) I would like to clarify these questions in this article and give more tips for products and quantities. Because the first purchase will definitely decide on the further course of your sailing trip. So a very important aspect, which can be a lot of fun :)

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Shopping facilities

There are many places where you can buy food for your trip. Whether you do your own shopping or use delivery services, in the end, it is important that there is enough food on the boat.

Shopping by yourself

Find out in advance which area you are going to. Have a look at Google Maps to check the location of the marina, so you know what is nearby. Always remember that the first shopping trip is a big one, i.e. you have to carry a lot and it helps if the supermarket is not far away. Often there is a supermarket in the marina itself, but it is at least 20% more expensive than the regular store. Another possibility is to go to local markets, where you can get fresh fruit and vegetables and all kinds of other goods. However, even this will not cover all your needs, as you will also need everyday items such as toilet paper or sponges. So it is the best to go to the supermarket directly. If you have a car with you - great. Go Shopping, load it into the car, drive it to the marina, and stow it away - perfect. If you don't have a car, you still have the possibility to go to a local supermarket or take public transport to the bigger supermarket. After you are done shopping, you will probably need one or two taxis to bring your supplies safely on board. So don't forget to write down a few numbers of local taxi companies or research online. Once you have made it all the way to the marina, you will need to carry your shopping on board. The best thing to do is to ask at the marina if someone can lend you a hand truck. This has the advantage that you don't have to walk 15 times from your car to the yacht.

Delivery services on site

The marina often offers a possibility to order food on site. It is best to ask the charter company directly. But please note that the prices are more than 50% more expensive than in the regular supermarket. In some places, where bigger marinas are located, supermarkets also offer a delivery service for food. You go to the supermarket, get all the supplies you need and then everything is delivered to the boat. You only pay a delivery fee. Thus, this is quite an alternative to lugging all the bags.

Online delivery services

Relaxed shopping is also possible online, so you can choose the products directly and everything will be delivered to your yacht. The prices often correspond to the prices in the supermarket, you only pay a delivery fee. In the following, I have listed some online dealers for different countries. The best thing is to create an account directly before your holiday so that you can check if everything works with a credit card and address. Maybe you have to trick a little bit with your address ;)

What do I buy

In general, food that has a longer shelf life should be bought at the beginning of the trip. For example oil, vinegar, pasta, rice, oatmeal, muesli, spices, etc. This allows you to stay in natural bays for longer without having to go to the next port because of food shortage. Perishable food should be bought with care. There should be enough until you plan to anchor near a town again or spend the night in a harbour. Here you can get everything you need for the next few days at the local vegetable stand. But even there I already fell into the trap of paying a high price at the tourist oriented vegetable stand :D Rather check where the locals do their shopping. Sit together with the crew to talk about special wishes, allergies, etc. Then make a shopping list. You can do this in a classic way with pen and paper or you can use one of the many apps like Bring! This app has the advantage that you can share the list with all crew members. It is important to buy as much as possible right at the beginning because this has many advantages:

  • stay independent longer
  • haul less shopping bags
  • cheaper shopping in big stores
  • more time to sail
  • always one emergency ration on board
  • you do not have to "save" food

These are all advantages that speak for always buying enough and not only 3 liters per person :) For example, for 6 persons I would buy at least 45 liters.

You can find the entire shopping list to download on our website. Other products you also find on Amazon.

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